Monthly Lies #2: February

What lies have Gigi and Helen heard this month? Someone thought this was a very negative category, but lies ARE negative, and we should share them so we can watch out for them, so as not to believe them… not even with a tiny bit of our hearts.

Now these are the lies these people have HEARD not SAID:

From Helen:
“If the nurse brought you into my consulting room, I’d tell her to block off the rest of my afternoon.” (From Juan Luis, a doctor friend of Gigi’s. He is devastatingly handsome, but such a player and liar. He’s broken three hearts that Gigi knows of, and she now warns all her friends about him).

From Gigi:
“I have a woman I’m dating exclusively and that’s why I cannot get together with you anymore.” (And yet, this same man is flirting and sex texting with another woman, and not telling her anything about htis exclusive woman).
“I’m a gentleman and I want to court you and treat you like a lady.” (Several men have said this and then expected Gigi to pay for dinner, meet them at a McDonald’s and go home with them for drinks after, take photos of her ass, both clothed and unclothed, for them).
“Sorry I couldn’t text you on Valentine’s. I was in the hospital sick.” (And yet Julian was still able to change his yahoo status several times on Valentine’s… too sick to to text Happy Valentine’s, but not too sick to comment on what he was up to… which not once mentioned a stay in the hospital!!).
“I forgot my daughter has a school thing tonight” and then “My car broke down.” (And that’s why he stood her up for a date for the second time in two weeks).

From Hannah:
“I try and stay away from people that lie, so I can’t comment.” (Well, Hannah is married, and hopefully happily, so she wouldn’t be hearing those lies thrown at you by people trying to pick you up).

From Walt:
“All of this negativity concerns me. This is not a constructive topic and is unproductive at best. It is just sadddening to see such beautiful and intelligent women stuck in this negative state of mind.” (Walt baby, you obviously have no idea who Gigi and Helen really are. We are not “stuck in this negative state of mind.” If we were so negative, would Gigi have happily blogged last week about the New York guy who had just “bought” a ticket to come see her? That ended up being a lie told to her last month. Yes, we write negative comments about the men who let us down, but we are not negative about all men in general. This category is supposed to be fun. To laugh at the lines people come up with that they actually expect us to believe!! Lighten up Walt!!).

3 Comments on Monthly Lies #2: February

  1. Helen

    Walt, we are NOT always negative. What else do you expect from a category entitled, “Monthly lies.” LOL…

  2. Helen Obispo

    One of my favorite lies…and it’s not just February that I have heard it….”Don’t worry, I am not like the rest. I am a GOOD guy. I swear.” Hahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahaaha!

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