Monthly Lies #1: January – What lies have you heard this month?

Are you tired of the things people say to you to try and pick you up? To try and convince you that they are for real, and that they are really interested in you? That they are different to those other liars you’ve met in the past, so you should give them a chance? Well, Gigi and Helen have heard them all, and they are tired. tired of all the lies. here are just a few of the lies they’ve heard this month. Please send us yours…


January 30th
From Stephen: “I’m a good Catholic boy. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in a long long time. I swear I’m different. I’m an exception to the rule. I would love you till the day that I die. I want to date you, starting now. I want to take you on a date.” He told Gigi that he was so attracted to me, and that he wanted to date me. Yet the minute that we left the bar, he was talking to another blonde.

Helen: June/July 2009 until present:
“Helen, I swear that I am never going to get married. Yes, I remember every little detail from when we are together.” Then, we sat and shared stories for hours… which gave an unsuspecting Helen hope that perhaps her chapter 10 first love might one day actually work out and it was just bad timing. Instead, tonight, January 2010, as Helen was hoping she might again run into her “true love”, she found out that on this very night he got married… and that he and his bride are expecting. How lovely.


January 25th-26th
From Tyrone in New York: He told Gigi (word for word from his texts) “I’m missing you like crazy. I want to be so close to you so bad that it hurts to think about it. My feelings for you are out of control. I think about you all the time. I want you in every way.Good night, my sweet love. You have touched my life in a very special way. Thank you. We are two sweet and crazy people who want each other. My heart is hurting. I’ll come see you this February, not sure which days yet sweetie.I don’t ever want to disappoint you baby, so I;m going to try my best” (to come see you).

By January 27th: Gigi was just ‘babe”

By January 28th: He supposedly bought a ticket to come see Gigi…but suddenly there were no more “sweeties” or “my love”… He didn’t call when he said he would. He said he was “sleeping” from Friday at 4 PM until Saturday at 4 PM, which was why he hadn’t called in two days. Said he HAD bought a ticket, but the hotel had no record of his reservation…

Can you see why Gigi almost believed in him? He is in New York, so he wasn’t looking for sex. So why say he bought a ticket to come see her? Why did he then just stop sweet talking her?

From Camille: She is now happily married to Steve (for over 24 years – read our first success story), but when they first met, he told her he loved to go hang-gliding, and she just didn’t believe that at all. it did end up to be something he told her to impress her (Beware of those stories your date will tell you to impress you). She was also told once by a guy that he loved her, and it was only their first or second date. She replied that it was impossible that he loved her… because he didn’t KNOW her!! (hy do people say things like this so soon?? To convince you that they are serious about dating? To get you into bed?).

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