Online Dating Websites

Here are some of the online dating websites that Gigi and Helen have tried… obviously without much success, but maybe our readers will have more luck than us.

Need to pay websites:


This is one of the most expensive websites. You first answer A LOT of questions, and then the “experts” match you up with your ideal date, reminding you not to base your decision on their photo.

You cannot look for matches yourself at all. Eharmony sends you matches every few days, then sometimes none, and sometimes quite a few. There are steps that must be taken and questions to get through.

  • You pick from a given list of questions.
  • You send questions to your match
  • You have to wait until they answer them (if they are interested in you, that is)
  • They send you their answers
  • They send you their questions
  • You answer their questions
  • You send your next set of questions, etc etc etc

Sometimes you can get through the set of steps and questions quickly. Sometimes it can take forever. The questions are very good, and ones you might not have thought to ask.

Gigi has tried this website seveal times. Quite honestly she doesn’t like the fact that so much of the personal choice is taken out of her hands. She wants to be able to look for herself. Kelly swears that it is the best website, because it costs more and has a classier kind of man. Gigi doesn’t agree. One man she met on eharmony pretended to want a relationship, and even though she made him wait a month before they got intimate (which if you know Gigi, is a very long time for her to wait), the minute he got her into bed, he was gone. With a goodbye text. And he was in his late 40’s, divorced for a very long time, with a good job as a construction manager.

Another man Gigi met here had just gotten divorced, was fresh back in the dating world, and soon ran away scared. Shouldn’t the “experts” at eharmony have rejected him until he was more emotionally stable and ready to date? The last date he’d had before Gigi had been with his ex-wife… when they were in high school!!


This dating website is a little cheaper than eharmony. They promise you six months free if you don’t find someone. Yet beware. You only get those six months free if you keep messaging people and keep trying to find someone the WHOLE time you are a member. If you meet someone you like and date them for a while, and it doesn’t work out, and then you look for someone new, and your months are up, you will not get free six months because you stopped sending messages to people, while you were dating!!

Gigi has tried this website. It is actually one of her favorite ones because you can look for exactly what you want by typing in:

  • a certain age
  • location
  • race
  • job
  • education status
  • size of his… or her… (just joking on this one, checking to see if you are reading these steps)

And out come the possibilities of your perfect person, complete with photos. You can then read their profile and see if you like it enough to contact them. You can also chat live on a chat log provided by, one that keeps your email and identity a secret, unlike yahoo messenger if you use your real name on it as your user name.

Gigi met THE David on this website. Yup. She paid to get her heart broken by meeting a man recently out of a divorce and not ready for a serious relationship. She also met Le’Ro and Walt, and many others of the men she’s written about.


This website is owned by, but you have to pay for it separately. You do not get two for the price of one. It works more like eharmony. Yes. Gigi tried it too, and didn’t like it. Too long ago now to remember exactly why.

Gigi’s advice: If you are going to pay for a dating website, try first.

Free websites: YES FREE!!
These websites are completely free. However, they all have what they call their “upgrade” that you have to pay to get. This upgrade supposedly gets you more. More what? More jerks, liars, and cheats? Who knows? By the time Gigi lost faith in the paying websites, she then tried the free ones, and refused to pay to get her heart dented or broken again.

The trouble with these free online dating sites, is that you can really find the dregs of society here: people with no jobs and no money; no cars and no homes of their own; people looking for sugar daddies/mommies; and probably people with criminal records (Try to research these people).

If you are as gullible as Gigi, all that can be dangerous.
So as a rule of thumb, make sure they have:

  • a job
  • a car (preferably one that runs)
  • a home of their own that you are allowed to visit (no home visit allowed could mean they are married or have a live-in partner)
  • a phone you can call (at any time of the day or night – no night time phone calls allowed, see above)
  • a college degree would be nice too
  • quite a few photos of themselves, so that you are not stuck with a photo taken in their prime, 20 years ago.

Now they are not all the dregs of society on these websites. Gigi met some really nice men here. Men with real jobs and education. Men like her poet Oscar. Her sweet, yet boring Arthur. Her lying, cheating married Niles. Her narcoleptic Gentle Giant. The most recent man to let her down John II.

Some of these websites have phone apps for the Iphone, so that you can be rejected more quickly on the phone, and not have to wait until night time for that lovely moment. It can actually be fun if you have an Iphone, and you are stuck in a boring meeting. You can surf the website for a date, talk, chat, and set up dates, all without leaving work.

1) Dating DNA

This one is Gigi’s favorite. It has a free Iphone app. There are a lot of questions about yourself to answer and you are matched up with people, and given a rating from:

  • excellent
  • very good
  • good
  • hit or miss

Not sure how accurate these ratings are… Niles and Gentle Giant and John II were all proclaimed excellent matches, and look how well that turned out!!

The website tells you when people log on. That way you can see if they use the website a lot or not, if they haven’t been on it for months, or if they go on it every day, and if they are using it while they are dating you!! Of course, it’ll tell them the same things about you.
It also tells you if they are online when you are. The bad thing about this website is that it is worldwide, and you will get 19 year olds from Ireland and 50 year olds from India who won’t understand why you don’t want an online relationship with someone you’ll never be able to meet. I mean, really? Are they going to come all the way from India for a coffee date, to discover they don’t like you or you don’t like them? Come on!! I think all these people from far away are married and just want online sex.

The website lets you send anonymous emails to the people you like, and you can tell when and if they read your messages. Gigi loves this little detail. It lets you know if you are being ignored. It also lets you know that, no he is NOT dead in a ditch somewhere, not if he just read your message and neglected to answer it!!

2) Speed date

This one also has a free Iphone app. There are not as many questions to answer, and it doesn’t rate your matches. It shows you their name, age, and location, and whatever photo they choose to put up, not always of a person or their face. For some reason, it shows you many people who live in Canada. Yes, we might be close to Windsor, but I don’t want to have to cross the bridge every time I want to see him!! Sometimes this website has people that you cannot contact, unless you pay. Not sure how that works out. It lets you send messages, but you can’t delete messages from the people you are not interested in, so it makes it hard to scroll back and refind the ones you liked.

Gigi has not met anyone that she liked on this website.

3) Singlesnet

This one seemed has a lot of people on it, and you get a ton of messages… Howeve, if someone even looks at your profile, it tells you they are interested in you, which is not always true.

Here is where Gigi met sweet, boring Arthur, who has a good government job, and was serious about wanting a relationship. Gigi hasn’t written much about him yet, but they dated for almost 9 months the first time, and then four months the second time. She might try this one again in the spring. Why? Research? More material? Soon Gigi will be passing out waivers: Beware… date me and you might end up on one of my chapters!!
Just last week, Gigi rejoined this website, and the funniest thing happened. First of all the same men from a year and a half were still on it (and one of them forgot that he and Gigi went out on an unsuccessful date). The best thing though? Gigi found two really nice men on it, went out on dates, and is looking forward to more with them.

4) Plenty of fish

Gigi just joined this one. The title is kind of deceptive, I think. Plenty of fish out there? As though it doesn’t matter whom you find? Gigi joined it, and so far has not had any luck. But she is not yet giving up. She’s had a about a dozen men contact her, and has met a few of them in person, but so far all they’ve wanted is a casual relationship.

I think that Gigi needs a break from these websites. She is concentrating on doing Weight Watchers to lose wait, writing her Gigi stories, getting them published, and now her blog articles. Maybe in the spring she’ll be ready to look once more. That idea didn’t last long… but so far so good. It just sucks to date in winter, when you have to wear boots, and cannot show your toes…

But please, don’t let it stop you, if you are single and lonely and want to trust your heart to a photo on a website. It might just work for you. It has worked for some people. Mary found her man on and they are still together a year later. Talk to them a bit first through emails. Then try yahoo messenger. If you like what you see, try the phone, and then the in-person meeting.

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