Gigi and Helen have started Weight Watchers!! Help!!

Gigi and Helen started weight watchers. We are on our fourth week, and we have one thing to say….HELP!!!! Lol….Really, though, any other weight watcher/dieters out there care to share?
So far Gigi has lost almost 7 pounds, and Helen has lost 6. Woo hoo!!

January 30th
Gigi has lost 9 pounds and is so happy!! I haven’t cheated once, and I can eat whatever I want, as long as I count points. I have a handy dandy Weight Watchers point calculator on my Iphone. It helps out so much when I’m in stores…

A good place to go to eat out: Applebees!! Some of their menu items list the Weight Watcher points.

February 10th
Gigi has lost over 10 pounds… and is still eating whateve she feels like eating, and even going out to restaurants!! Amazing.. Thank you Helen for getting her started on nthis life changing way of eating. I can’t call it a diet because it doesn’t feel like one.

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  1. Carl

    I have used Weight Watchers in the past, and have found it to be the most effective of any diet plan for losing weight.

    Some tips:

    1) Be careful when calculating points. It is a very human tendency to fudge a little bit, saying things like, “I’m sure that’s just one table spoon” when you know very well it’s likely a tablespoon and a half. Sure, everyone likes a little more butter, but in the end, it’s only yourself you’re cheating.

    2) Exercise is God’s gift to Weight Watchers dieters. Going to a party tonight and afraid you’re going to splurge a little bit. Earn those points back with a brisk walk on the treadmill or around the block. It’s up to you how much you can consume – exercise gives you more points to work with on a daily basis.

  2. paquita

    Never fear dear Carl, when Gigi and Helen start something they do not take it lightly or cheat. We don’t guess at our points… we even sometimes give ourselves more points than we should.

  3. paquita

    Gigi has lost 8.4 pounds in two and a half weeks, and Helen has lost over 6 pounds. We are staying strong and we never cheat… in fact, when counting points, we tend to write down more points than we are actually using, not less 🙂
    We rock!!

    Anyone else out there having luck on Weight Watchers? Are you walking around with your point sliders?
    Try this website if you can access the internet on your phones. It calculates the points for you!! Gotta love the internet…

    • Jennie

      Congratulations!!! I need to try that…one day. How many points would it be at a little Cuban restaurant?

      • Gigi Roth

        Lol Cuban restaurant would probably be a lot of points. But you can use your 35 weekly flex points and splurge on one great meal!! I did it this weekend with a chicken dinner at Bavarian Inn at Frankenmuth!!

    • Helen Obispo

      So far, Helen has officially lost eight pounds. Finally! My body takes longer to adapt to certain diets….stubborn thing likes to protest everytime I go on any kind of diet. I love this “lifestyle” as Weight Watchers calls it. I still refer to it as a diet…but think it is easy to adapt to any lifestyle. The only things that I am having serious withdrawls from are the following: my mint M&M’s and my Panera bagels with honey walnut cream cheese. I also am finding it very difficult to pack my little one’s lunches at night and not “taste test” some of his goodies that I pack. 🙂

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